Strong believers in collective action to bring about positive social change, our partnerships are focused on local sustainablity efforts  & breaking down silos.

All guided by U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Since 1946, our volunteers work tirelessly to promote engagement with the International Community and a strong U.S. Leadership within the United Nations.

Our free events, collaborations and community partnerships surrounding local sustainability efforts seek to highlight our shared responsibility for an inclusive future for all.

The Power of Collective Actions

We partner with local organizations, businesses, government agencies and non-profit groups on breaking down silos for maximum impact to engage our communities on sustainability and the Agenda 2030, also known as #GlobalGoals that contain the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The commitment to Sustainability is personal to our chapter!  We traveled to and participated in the historic and groundbreaking U.N. Conference hosted in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in June 2012 “Rio+20” that gave birth to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The global call on implementation and achieving the SDGs by the year 2030 is informing all of our programs and events.

Our Partnership with the City of San Diego

Cities are crucial partners in the implementation of the SDGs. We are proudly partnering with the City of San Diego’s Sustainability Office on integrating its efforts on sustainability into the larger international framework of the SDGs – see HERE its Climate Action Plan (CAP) report for 2019 that incorporates for the first time the SDGs.

In the years to come, our expertise on the SDGs and connections within the United Nations will inform its county-wide policies, sustainable development, and business plans for a more sustainable future benefiting citizens within the county.

SIDE NOTE | August 2019, our Chapter invited representatives from the City of San Diego to partake in the U.N. Civil Society Conference, hosted in Salt Lake City. Together we traveled to represent our city to showcase and exchange best practices on Resilient Cities.

Legislation & Advocacy

Proud partners of Surfrider Foundation San Diego’s local coalition, we took an active part in pushing legislation to ban county-wide use of polystyrene, announced in February 2019 and effective as of May 2019.
Monitoring and advocating for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in our local community, our volunteers host public information sessions, present in colleges, speak during conferences and panels on our collective impact.  Highlighting shared responsibilities on production & consumption (SDG12) with a strong component on taking action to influence local and state legislation for sustainable policies.

Life Below Water

In partnership with our local peers at Heirs To Our Oceans, Oceana Southern California, Greenpeace San Diego, San Diego 350 and WildCoast – to just name a few – we join forces to raise awareness about the dangers of Offshore Oil Drilling, microplastics in our oceans and drinking water, reduced biodiversity and overall health of our oceans that drive temperatures and provides humanity with more than 70% of our oxygen we breathe.

All these efforts are paired with local and national legislative outreach to ensure policies that keep our oceans clean and stabilize our climate as well as our livelihoods.

Check our social media for the latest collaboration HERE.