Commemorating the United Nations’ 75th Anniversary

Celebrating Local Intergenerational Leadership

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 October 19-23 | UN75 IG Takeover Series

On October 24, 1945, the United Nations was created. Every year for the month of October, UNA-USA and its 200+ chapters around the country activate in their communities by hosting events centered around global issues.This year, we’re celebrating a momentous milestone: the UN’s 75th anniversary.

To celebrate the UN’s 75th anniversary we’re reflecting on the past, celebrating the accomplishments of the present, and looking forward to progress, toward a better and brighter future for everyone, everywhere. In that spirit, building upon the United Nation’s Global SDG Advocates, the San Diego Chapter  is recognizing individuals from multiple generations that embody the values of the UN and localize the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals in San Diego, as Sustainable Development Advocates.

Sustainable Development Advocates are individuals that work at the grassroots advocating and/or implementing the Sustainable Development Goals in San Diego, 17 goals agreed by all UN member states in 2015 to transform the world by 2030. They range from ending poverty, to climate action, human rights and economic development. This recognition wishes to highlight how local leaders are the main drivers towards lasting change through the localization of such a powerful global agenda.

To recognize their amazing work, our 2020 Sustainable Development Advocates took over our Instagram @UNASanDiego every day of the week of October 19-23.

October 19 | Ella Sobhani 
October 20 | James Floros
October 21 | Felicia Nykaza
October 22 | Liza Matthews 
October 23 | Edgar Ontiveros

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October 24 | Re-enacting the Signing of the United Nations’ Charter

Celebrating intergenerational leadership requires a look back into the past and recognize the legacy of prior generations and their contributions to our global community.
The signing of the Charter of the United Nations (UN Charter) in 1945 was a ground breaking and historic moment of unified commitment to global cooperation on international peace and security exemplifying visionary leadership across generational lines.
Each year, on October 24, the official day on which the United Nations came into existence, we commemorate the adoption of the UN Charter worldwide. Here in San Diego, we are proud to partner this year with our colleagues from the House of Pacific Relations and International Cottages in #BalboaPark.

Together we celebrate the UN’s 75th Anniversary by hosting a ceremonial re-enactment of this historic landmark. Past -> Present -> Progress.

Sustainable Development Advocates 2020

Edgar Ontiveros

Strategic Communications Professional

Edgar is a creative and strategic communications professional. With over ten years of experience in photography, video production, and graphic design, he is passionate about producing stories of community power and resilience. As an immigrant with a background in community organizing, he leverages his bilingual and creative skills to inspire people to take action. He is especially interested in issues of climate change, racial and economic justice, and immigration. Before joining his current role as the Multimedia Designer with County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher’s team, Edgar worked as the Media Specialist at the Mid-City Community Advocacy Network where he developed and implemented digital strategy for community organizing campaigns, civic engagement, fundraising, and leadership development programs.

Ella Sobhani

High school senior, founder and president of Project Aquascope
Ella Sobhani is a senior at Canyon Crest Academy in San Diego. Who has started numerous projects to help both local and global communities including: SHE (Sustaining Humanity through Education) which focuses on gender equality and access to quality education, and Project Aquascope which focuses on climate action, sustainability, and international collaboration. She believes serving her community in a way that lifts others up is some of the most rewarding work a person can do. Outside of school and SDG advocacy she loves to play tennis, cook, and relax with friends and family.

Felicia Nykaza

Writer of “Ello Felicia” and Chairperson for S.D. Star Wars Society

Felicia is a San Diego native with a degree in Behavioral Science. She is also known as the “nerdy mom” by many in the local blogging communities. She actually cosplays and is a chairperson for a local Non-profit, San Diego Star Society. Felicia is a mother to one LGBTQ+ youth, through that experience her eyes were open to more need for awareness and need to fight for social change. This was the shift and push from ally to advocate in the need for Equality and LGBTQ+ Rights.

James Floros

President and CEO, the Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank and the North County Food Bank chapter

James Floros, better known as Jim, is the President and CEO of the Jacobs and Cushman San Diego Food Bank. Since taking over as president and CEO, Jim has presided over a major expansion of Food Bank programs, cutting-edge facility improvements. His work is a livable example of how, in his own words: “It takes a community to feed a community.” He has moved the focus of the organization from simply “food banking” to comprehensive “nutrition banking” in order to fight nutrition-related disease – especially among the children they serve because nutrition-related disease is linked to poverty, and children who are hungry struggle to learn. Without an education, “food insecure” children will struggle to succeed in life and continue the cycle of poverty.

Liza Matthews

High school student and small business activist

Liza Matthews is a high school student that truly believes in the driving force of youth to change the world. She works to ensure that her passions and activities support the United Nations and the Sustainable Development Goals. As Liza puts it: “Preparing future generations is the way our world will strive to be stronger.” Her activism aligns with economic development, sustainable and resilient communities, decent work and economic growth. She is an outspoken advocate and activist for small businesses in San Diego, bringing awareness of the obstacles they face and how can we better support them as a community.