Our Principal objective is to engage students as Ambassadors for our Oceans. By building on and strengthening the understanding of the importance of our Oceans as

  • Food Source
  • Producer of Oxygen (70%)
  • Driver on Climate (absorption of Carbon Dioxide, Current & Weather)

Our Ambassadors are knowledgable and keen to speak about how the ocean influences you and you are influencing the Ocean. Outlining individual and collective responsibilities for sustainability and eco friendly development, the students organize events in schools, clubs and special gatherings on the importance of the seas and oceans with short documentaries and presentations.

CURRENT PROJECTS | Laguna Beach Unified School District

Our thanks to Ms Odile Dewar and her students from the French AP Class at Laguna Beach Unified School District that contributed to this pilot project with below advocacy videos, namely Joseph Colladay; Emma Gibbs; Katherine Gilles; Joseph Ravenna; Jake Short; Perry Skenderian; Laura Bianchi and Emma Russell. [Click on image below to see video]