Application | Youth Advisory Board to UN Association San Diego

MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION | Youth Advisory Board of the UNA USA San Diego

The United Nations Association of the United States of America (UNA USA) is a non-profit membership, all volunteer organization established to advocate for the invaluable work of the United Nations. As a long-standing member of the San Diego community the local Chapter of the UNA USA, established in 1946, is proud of its special connection with Eleanor Roosevelt, who personally oversaw the ceremonial opening of its new office in Balboa Park at the House of Hospitality in 1953. UNA USA San Diego’s official accreditation with the United Nations in the 1990s led to the prestigious Observer Status that marks the organization’s ambassadorial standing.

As the local ambassador to and for the United Nations, UNA USA San Diego engages the San Diego community on global citizenship and a shared equitable future by advocating locally for human rights and humanitarian causes. Its Youth Advisory Board is to support and promote UNA USA San Diego’s mission while providing a youth focused input on how to engage the local community in their ambassadorial programs surrounding the pressing socio-economic issues facing our fast-changing world locally and internationally.


To be considered for the UNA USA San Diego Youth Advisory Board an application via the link below needs to be completed and submitted. The Chairs of the Youth Advisory Board review the application and rules on a decision within fifteen (15) days upon receipt of request; the fifteen days period starts based on the date stamp of Chairs’ email to candidate confirming application has been received with all required materials. In some cases the Youth Advisory Board Chairs will invite the applicant to a personal meeting in order to rule on the final decision. After the review process, the Executive Director of UNA USA San Diego will personally notify the applicant about its decision to admit applicant to its advisory body.


Requirements & Criteria for Admission

  1. Must be a high school student between the ages of 14-18
  2. Must be a resident of San Diego County
  3. Shows interest in the United Nations or keenness in learning more about the United Nations and its agencies
  4. Demonstrates passion and awareness for/of social and global issues
  5. Attends monthly meetings, usually held during weekends
  6. Be comfortable working in a diverse group of young community leaders and to interface with Leadership of UNA USA San Diego
  7. Support all aspects of the Youth Advisory Board as they relate yet not restrict to contacting experts in the fields/issues discussed during monthly meetings, conducting presentations, representing the Youth Advisory Board at community events and more
  8. Must become a member of UNA USA San Diego Chapter and remain in good standing (continue membership) throughout his/her service as a member of the Youth Advisory Board