United Nations Association San Diego

Art Miles Mural Project

The Art Miles Mural Project (AMMP) is a passionate and colorful 12 year movement combining the efforts of children and adults worldwide to promote Global Peace and Harmony through Mural Art.

Each hand and every mural aims to create & express a Global Voice to Develop and Advocate Art rather than Violence, Cooperation instead of War and the Continuation of Life rather than Death.


Mile by Mile Across Countries, Borders & Oceans, The Art Miles Has Become The Resonating Artistic Symbol For Peace

Art Miles Mural Project supports the international decade for a Culture of Peace, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UNDHR), the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), UNESCO World Cultural Heritage and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child among other key positive efforts of the UN and its specialized agencies.

We have facilitated the creation of more than 4,000 five by twelve foot murals on canvas with over one half million people from more than 100 countries as a successful demonstration of bringing people together; and to share messages of peace as painted from the hearts of many.

For more information on our projects, please download here our PowerPoint: English | French